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Picasso Multimedia is an independent company that offers digital services. It is intended to offer IT-related solutions in different fields like Web Development, Application Development, Graphic Designing, Animation, Video Editing, Digital Marketing, and Corporate Training Services.


Content of the website

Any client is obliged to take permission prior to using the image or text content on the website. Liability of pirated software will be levied on the users. Any disputes between the client and company are mutually comprehensible if there is a third-party concern on the website. Our creation can be used by any third party. We are unable to monitor the plagiarism operations of a third party. A client should not blame the company for the replica of the sites on the internet.

We ensure that, as per our working policy, we never release any kind of data to the prospective public. We take due care of protecting the originality of the content in the form of text or graphics. We try to protect the work on behalf of our client. Our company does not have any rights or claims on the website content.


Data Collection and Hype

Our company takes the whole responsibility for the data shared on the respective website. We follow the principle of the right to personal privacy. Hence, we make sure that the provided information should be used to a limited extent with purpose. We gather information like name, email, phone number, address, etc. Out of this information, the email address is used for communication purposes. Our Web sites contain blogs published on the public platform. They are furnished publicly to a large extent. The blogs and information therein should be self-made. We are unable to find the plagiarism of the content used in the blogs or even the blogs exclusively reported by any person over the website.

Log Files

Our team automatically anticipates log files with the information collected and reserved every time. The information specifically contains internet protocol (IP) address, browser, internet service provider (ISP), referring pages, name of the operating system, date/time stamp, and clickstream data of the respective user. We are obliged to operate this kind of information to have an eye on the users. Also, we execute the information as and when required to look into the trends, for monitoring the websites, and to have a trace of the actions of the users.


We do not publicly share the data or personally identifiable information with any third party. The third-party having an interest in the marketing demand the data, but the protection rights are reserved with us safely. We motivate the users to have a look at the privacy statements that are collecting the information and the data of the person without consent. This policy is individually applicable to our website only.


Safety measures are implemented to protect your personal information. We have been in terms of the industry standards for safeguarding the personal information penetrated in our forms. The information is gathered by us as well as collected by us. We take due precautions while handling both. There may not be a full guarantee of safety, yet we have tried and tested the formula for encryption of the user data.

If you have any queries related to security on our website, you can email us directly.


Picasso Multimedia: Graphic Design, Website Design, Animation, Video Editing, Social Media Marketing, Domain, Hosting & Corporate Training.


Picasso Multimedia: Graphic Design, Website Design, Animation, Video Editing, Social Media Marketing, Domain, Hosting & Corporate Training.