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Service And Content

✔ A customer has the validation agreement for the content. They are holding the license, consents, and publicity draw for them. The agreement can be terminated on any grounds within the stated period of time. There will not be any liability over the company for the content burglar. There will be an authority on the customers if there will be any alleged situation comes across. Digital access to the website is handed over to the concerned person only after the confirmation of the payment. The payment terms are stated separately and should be followed by customers with reliability. 


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Payment and Refund Policy

✔ We need to go through truthful and precise information before signing up the contract for our services. The information should consist of payment details to incorporate with us. We get the confirmation of the quote of service once we receive the payment details. Additional services (apart from the quoted prices) are charged as per an extra amount that varies depending on the customer requirements. The final amount is declared on the agreement. which is sent to the customers before delivering the service. We have reserved all the rights about cancellation and termination of the contract. We may take legal action if we find any mysterious thing between the payment matters. Direct communication will be established with the bank, the money sender, the appropriate authorities, and any other parties concerned.

Cancellation of Order

✔ In the event of order cancellation, we have established a clear and comprehensive refund policy to address such situations. We ensure that the cancellation amount is promptly credited for future orders, following a secure and reliable process for refunding customers.

✔ It is within our rights to cancel orders if the customer has violated the agreed-upon terms and conditions. Rest assured, we prioritize transparency and customer communication, and we provide prior notice before proceeding with the actual cancellation of the order. Our aim is to maintain a fair and mutually beneficial relationship with our valued customers.


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