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How to find your signature brand style?

Whether you are a brand-new start-up or a well-established firm, knowing your brand’s unique style ensures that all of your organization’s communications are consistent with its mission.


Creating a remarkable brand that exemplifies your company’s values and increases consumer awareness, recognition, and trust is crucial if you want to produce actual money and become a successful firm. Your brand’s style influences everything from how you market your business to how you engage with your clients.

It is vital to understand your brand’s style since it guarantees that everything your firm produces aligns with the brand’s message. If you send out one message one week and a completely different one the following, your clients will lose faith in you and finally move elsewhere.

It might be difficult to determine your brand’s aesthetic when you’re just starting out. Everything is fresh and complicated, but we have some recommendations to help you determine the characteristic style of your company. Consider these essential questions.

  • Establish a brand strategy

Before you can begin considering logos and color schemes, you must clearly define your brand’s characteristics. Answer the following inquiries in detail:

  • What are your current and future company objectives?
  • Who is your ideal customer, and what is most important to them?
  • What guarantee do you make to customers?
  • Who are your competitors and how do you differentiate yourself from them?
  • How is your business unique? What can you do that distinguishes you from others?
  • What is your product or service’s nature? A legal office, for instance, would be more serious in character, whilst a toy store would be more playful.

These questions form the basis of your brand’s statement, so give them some attention. You should leave this exercise understanding who you want to target, how to get their attention, and how to communicate with them.

  • Take an honest inventory of your current situation.

Spend time analyzing your existing products or services, procedures, website, marketing materials, and logo.

  • Does each of these elements correspond to your branding strategy? In other words, do your brand, graphics, and language resonate with the intended audience? Do you deliver on your brand’s promise? For instance, if you guarantee unrivalled customer service, are you offering it? Is your technology truly cutting-edge if you claim it is?

Even if you don’t have much to update at the moment, it’s essential to determine where you’re falling short and revise those components to reflect the new tone you wish to express.

  • Examine the competition

Visit their websites or retail locations and obtain their marketing materials. For instance, register for a free webinar, download a file, or seek further information.

Observe the words and imagery they employ. Consider how their marketing materials and statements make you feel, the emotions they elicit, and the impressions they leave. Decide what you like and don’t like.

There’s a good chance they’ve conducted market research and found out how to connect with your target, which might provide insight into how to pitch your own business (e.g., super formal or informal and fun). However, your primary objective is to identify ways to distinguish yourself from others.

You may also draw inspiration from businesses outside of your sector that you admire. You should never imitate others, but you might draw inspiration from businesses that consistently capture your attention.

  • Start creating concepts

Together with workers, mentors, or simply friends, begin to develop your brand’s aesthetic. Consider the image you wish to project in order to attract the appropriate customers.

Create slogans and taglines. Create a color palette, often consisting of one dominant hue and two or three complimentary hues. Google typography and select a handful that are suitable for your audience and your goods. Notate ideas for images that reflect your company’s basic beliefs and mission. And compose the most essential aspects of your message to communicate with your audience.

As you generate ideas, your trademark branding style will gradually take shape, and you can begin to use it throughout all your marketing channels and in consumer interactions. Alternately, you might engage with a professional branding consultant to reach your goals more quickly.


As you’ve already realized by now, determining your company’s distinctive branding style is a crucial step. Over the past few years, Picasso Multimedia has developed powerful branding concepts and strategies for some of the most reputable companies in the world. If you are searching for assistance in determining your unique branding style and you enjoy the way we sound, we would love to hear from you.


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